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FCA Memorial Bench

        The loss of a loved one is always hard.  As a way of remembering our loved ones, the FCA, in partnership with Fairwinds Corporation, will be placing 16 memorial benches throughout the community.  These benches can be 'rented by you and a personalized plaque will be attached to honour your loved one.

        By late September (2010), a sample bench will be placed on view and orders will be taken.  The sample bench will be located on Fairwinds Drive, in the lawn adjacent to the sidewalk leading into Fairwinds Centre.  As shown in this photo, they are done in a black finish with redwood boards.  Fairwinds Corporation will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the benches.

        As you walk or drive thru the neighbourhood, you can see the markers for the 16 sites (a map of these sites will be made available soon).  The locations have been staked with pink tags or spray painted with a 4' x 7' outline showing where the cement pad will be placed.  More information will be put on this page as it becomes available.  For more information contact the FCA at:




LOCATIONS: Interactive Map by Google Earth  If you have Google Earth installed you can use this interactive map to get a close-up view of the sites.   
  Site # Location Status
  1 Highland Park at mailboxes Available
  2 Redden Road at mailboxes Available
  3 Rockhampton Road at mailboxes Available
  4 End of Collingwood Dr. (future Audubon Garden) Available
  5 Off Fox Run Place (golf course view) Available
  6 Bonnington Drive at Mailbox site Available
  7 Carmichael Road at mailbox Available
  8 Fairwinds Drive at Audubon Garden Available
  9 Bonnington Drive at Trail Entrance Available
  10 Fairwinds Drive & Evanshire Cres Available
  11 Andover Drive - Park Easement Available
  12 Fairwinds Center Front Lawn Available
  13 Andover Road Entrance to Brickyard Park Available
  14 Andover looking over pond Available
  15 Andover by mailbox Available
  16 Andover facing 4th Fairway Available

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